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D.T.C Industries was founded in Bangkok in 1963 by Por Anavil
( THAI ) and Julian Deeley ( British ). The company developed quickly and by 1993 it was floated as Public Limited Company on the Thailand Stock Exchange.
D.T.C.Industries serves a world-wide clientele engaged in all aspects of the Writing Instrument and Stationery Market including Office Supply. General Retail and Premiums and Business Gifts.
Sales Volume in 1996 exceeds 1 to 1.5 million units per day depending on peak season and continues to grow rapidly.
D.T.C.Industries product philosophy is to serve the market for low cost, high quality products designed to fit the needs of consumers who seek value for money at competitive prices. All D.T.C.Industries 's new product innovations are based on thorough market research and are manufactured " To a price" To ensure they are competitive on entry to the market in each part of the world.
The technology employed by D.T.C.Industries represents the current state of the art in tooling and manufacturing processes in D.T.C.Industries 's vertically integrated manufacturing plant in East Bangkok. The founders have invested a high percentage of their time and effort in developing numerous in-house processes to ensure the excellent quality of the company's end products.
Corporate Objectives- Customer Service
The Company's corporate objectives include a continuous program of product innovation and upgrading and its prime purpose is to ensure the customer friendliness of all its services by a sustained in-house and external staff training program.
Contract Production
D.T.C.Industries also provides OEM and contract production services to numerous clients world-wide and enquiries are always welcome.
The factory offers comprehensive packaging and printing services to meet the needs of its numerous customers world-wide. The company is also ready to export in bulk to buyers wishing to handle their packaging arrangements in their own countries.
Shipments And Deliveries
To expedite your orders, our well trained shipping department staff are always ready to handle your special documentation requirements to get your goods out on time-every time.
Welcome To Our Visitors
You are always welcome to visit us and meet our experienced export team personnally to discuss your requirements.
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